Monday, February 9, 2009

Foreclosure Info - Tips For Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

As foreclosures are on the rise, so are the scams that commit to “rescuing” the homeowner from losing their home to foreclosure. These scams just steal your hard earned money, destroy your credit record and eliminate any equity you might have in your home.

These foreclosure con artists use people who are dire financial straits. They know these people are desperate and are grasping at straws for answers to their foreclosure situation. People to target for these scams are not hard to seek out as mortgage lenders publish notices before foreclosing on homes. These con artists read these notices then contact their victims quite often even in person but more commonly by mail, phone or by email. They even go so far as to advertise their services on web sites. They make themselves sound official by giving them impressive titles like “foreclosure consultant” or “mortgage consultant.” They may call their services “foreclosure service or “foreclosure rescue agency.”

If you are facing foreclosure, contact your mortgage lender or any legitimate financial counselor to help you find legitimate options to avoid foreclosure. It is imperative that you carefully check the credentials, reputation and experience of anyone offering to arrange to stop or delay your foreclosure for a fee. The following recommendations can help protect you:


Lease-Back or Repurchase Scams – Someone offers to pay off your mortgage and rent you residence back to you. This usually involved signing over the deed of your home to the individual. This will give the person the ability to evict you, raise the rent, sell the house or steal your equity. You are still responsible for the mortgage so if the individual doesn’t make the payment, your house still gets foreclosed on and you face the legal consequences.

Refinance Fraud – Someone acts as a mortgage broker or lender and offers to refinance your loan to a lower payment. They make you believe you are signing the documents for a new loan when in actuality you are signing over the ownership of your home. This opens you up to the situation as above.

Bankruptcy Schemes – Several scams try to abuse the bankruptcy laws. These are complicated schemes, so it is important to always thoroughly investigate anyone offering to help you with your bankruptcy. Anytime someone wants you to sign over ownership of your home, be very cautious.


Always know what you are signing – It is important that you thoroughly read and understand what you are signing. Obtain advice if a document is too complex. Do not sign anything with blank spaces, errors or incorrect information even if someone promises to fix things later.

Get everything in writing - Verbal agreements are usually not legally binding. It is important that you get any promises or agreements in writing to protect yourself. Be sure to keep copies of anything you sign.

Make your mortgage payments directly to your lender or the mortgage servicer - Do not trust anyone else to make mortgage payments for you.

Be cautious about signing over your deed – Scams quite often require you to sign over your deed. Always get the advice of a lawyer or financial advisor before doing so. You do not want to lose your rights to your residence and any equity that you may have.

Report any suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission and to your state and local consumer protection agencies – This helps to prevent others from becoming victims.


Contact your lender as soon as you think you are unable to make your mortgage payment.

Contact a legitimate housing or financial counselor to help you work through your financial problems.

Credit Card Applications: What the Fine Print Really Means

When you apply for a credit card, reading through all of the small print on the application can be a drag. And with everything so fast-paced, do you really have time for all of that? Most people will respond with a "no." They'll simply fill out the application and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, not understanding the fine print can bring trouble your way. You might get hit with high fees or interest rates that you weren't expecting. But by taking the time to look over the fine print, you can potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars in the future. Here are a few things to look for as you read the terms and conditions listed with the credit card:

Rewards with Conditions

Rewards cards are popular these days, but it's important to know what you're getting into before you apply. Some of them come with a higher interest rate, and others include restrictions on the rewards you can receive. You also may find that you'll need to pay an annual fee with the card. So look over the details and make sure that you can really benefit from this type of card before sending in an application.

APR Details

Many credit cards come with 0% APR (annual percentage rate) period. During this time, no interest is charged to your account. When that time period comes to an end, however, a regular APR sets in. You'll want to know what this rate is before you apply.

You'll also want to be aware of other changes regarding the APR. If the APR is variable, the company is allowed to change it at any time. If the interest rate is fixed, it is less likely to change. The company, however, still reserves the right to change it when they want to - they just need to let you know about it before they make the change.

Some cards will increase the interest rate if you miss a payment. Also, certain companies will charge a different APR, depending on whether you are making a purchase, transferring a balance, or taking out a cash advance. Sound confusing? It can be if you don't know about the details. Take the time to read through the APR notes; they can really help you in the long run.

Extra Fees

Some of the fees included in a card are laid out very clearly, but others are not. Before you send in a credit card application, check to see if it charges an annual fee. Also look for the fees charged for late payments or over-the-limit fees. All of these could set you back if you're not aware of them. If, on the other hand, you know about them, you'll be able to avoid any unwanted fees.

In short, reading the fine print can be time-consuming, but it is well worth your time. If you find a term in the form that you do not understand, you can call the credit card company to ask about it before you apply. Understanding the fine print is key to a long, healthy relationship with your credit card.

Ordinary People Can Make Extraordinary Incomes

Home base businesses have grown tremendously with much television advertising and the availability of Internet Websites. Many people are learning a new way of making a large income for their families. The average job and wage can only go so far in providing the necessary money needed to live in our inflated economy. Gas prices, food and the over all costs of living are constantly increasing. The current income for most families is not sufficient to pay all of the bills. What is the answer?

People are looking for a different way of making money without using all of their time working. Working for someone else uses much of your time and the money you earn may not be suitable for your families needs. Having your home business could give you the freedom that you are looking for. What if you could control the amount of income you desire to earn?

Some people have dreams of a better life with an extraordinary income that will provide the things in life without having to borrow from a bank. Many people would like to have a bigger house with more yard room to entertain family and friends and have a new car that that does not need constant repairs. People who have these kinds of dreams should pursue them.

There are many ordinary people who go to work everyday and do the same mundane things week after week being exhausted and feeling out of place because they are not using the creative skills that they naturally possess. Is it possible to work fewer hours and make more money then your average go to work job by having your own home base business?

With the entire home based businesses there are to choose from where does a person start? You find these businesses advertised on television and all over the Internet but which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams? Can a person really make a great income working from their home and working fewer hours then a normal job?

What does a person look for when pursuing a home base business? I have few rules that I use when considering which home base business is really a legitimate one. The first thing to look for is how large is the company or organization? If they have offices and representatives all over the country and even worldwide then maybe they are a profitable business that has proven itself with the kind of success that you want. Do not work for a loosing company.

There are other things to look for when considering a home base business and that would be how open are they about there practices. Do they have a phone number in which you could talk with someone about the business during normal working hours and how available are they when you call?

How informative are they about the business and are they truly able to help you with their products or services as well as the operation of the business itself? Having a personal contact that you can talk with everyday if necessary until you are operating your own home business successfully would be great.

A personal mentor or business partner could make things in your own business function much better. Having a teacher who has started their own home base business and has achieved success would be a great access to your own business success. You can learn much from someone who has been at the beginning of a home base business right to being financially successful.

Pursue your dreams and do not let anyone stop you from doing the things that you love. You already know the kind of work that you would like to do the rest of your life. What really brings you pleasure and interests you most when it comes to earning an income? These are your dreams! Make the most of your life and live the kind of lifestyle that brings you the most joy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Benefits Of Cheap Online Auto Insurance Quote

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a cheap car insurance quote is to go online, which is also much more convenient since consumers can gain access to numerous insurance companies, brokers or carriers through their websites at any given time and place.

The online car insurance quote that you receive is a result of computations and estimations based on the information and details given by you. This also includes your online application queries. The cheap car insurance online quotes are only approximations of the actual cost of the insurance policy, so be ready to meet more in-depth interviews and fill out more comprehensive questionnaires before you can get an actual policy. However, most online insurance quotes providers offer template application questionnaires that you can fill out for exploration purposes on rough figures.

To get your own online quote for a cheap car insurance policy from the insurance carriers and brokers who offer them, you need to visit the website of your chosen insurance company, and fill out the template form provided there. The online quote will depend on the information that you give out on the form, so make sure that you do not commit any errors that can adversely affect the online car insurance quote, and be honest about the details. This is important if you want to receive a cheap online car insurance quote, and the most accurate approximations of the policy you’re looking for.

When filling out the form for your car insurance quote online, in addition to the necessary personal information such as name, address and contact numbers (which are not always compulsory), you will also need to give information that can significantly influence the cost and coverage of the insurance policy. For example, information regarding your age, gender and marital status can have some bearing on the cost of the premium you will need to pay for the car insurance. This is because insurance companies are well aware of the fact that single and young drivers are more likely to indulge in reckless driving, disregard for traffic rules etc, thereby being more prone to road accidents. Statistics also imply that a large percentage of road accidents in the United States are caused by teenage drunk drivers. Consequently, insurance providers almost always set a higher price on their auto insurance products for them. So if you have teenagers in your household, it’s a good idea to insure them on safer, less powerful automobiles in order to receive a cheap car insurance online quote.

The model and age/era of the car that you plan to insure will also have a substantial influence on the cost of premium on the car insurance. Insurance companies will want to know if the vehicle is still insurable or not, so if it is, make sure to mention it on the application form for the car insurance online quote. Also remember that since very expensive automobiles such as sports cars, in comparison to conventional automobiles, require more thorough and extensive repairs after collision, they are also more likely to cost you more on insurance.

How To Save Money With Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Online Quote Advice

Getting an auto insurance online quote is one of the cheapest and quickest methods to obtain a car insurance quote. It also offers more options to consumers who can access several auto insurance companies, carriers and brokers, conveniently from the comfort of their own homes at any given time.

To get the auto insurance online quote, you’ll first need to visit the official website of your chosen auto insurance company. Most auto insurance sites provide an online template form for you to fill out, and any information that you enter in the application will have an impact on the final quote. So it’s best to review and revise what you have typed and avoid errors that can adversely influence the auto insurance online quote, and receive a cheap online car insurance quote, along with the most accurate approximations of the policy you’re applying for.

In addition to the required personal information such as name, address and contact numbers, the cost and coverage of the insurance policy will be significantly dependent on the information you give out, including your age, gender and marital status. For example, auto insurance companies are very alert when doing business with single or younger drivers who are more likely to indulge in reckless driving, disregard for traffic rules, etc. So the cost of the premium you have to pay for the auto insurance policy may be higher if you’re under 25 years of age. However, insuring younger drivers on safer, non-performance cars and less powerful vehicles may allow you to receive a cheaper auto insurance online quote. Also remember that the Make, Model and Year of the automobile are also important factors taken into consideration by auto insurance companies when they calculate rates. Expensive and high performance automobiles such as supercars require more extensive repairs after a crash, so they are more likely to cost you more on insurance.

Tips on Obtaining a Cheap Auto Insurance Online Quote

1. Look for several types of auto insurance quotes regularly

2. Take into account the value of your car/automobile in comparison to the amount you’re paying for premiums when making decisions such as "liability only" insurance.

3. A simple 6 hour defensive driving course can save you up to 10% on your auto insurance premium

4. Many auto insurance companies will give you a discount for multiple auto insurance policies. If you’ve used one agency for different types of insurances such as life, home, fire, etc, us the same insurance company for you auto insurance

5. Remember that higher deductibles result in lower insurance premiums

6. Maintain a healthy credit rating because auto insurance companies take into account your current credit score as part of their calculation

7. Prepare yourself with valid reasons why you are at lower risk, such as safer vehicle, clean record of driving, anti-theft alarms etc.